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Graffiti is a major headache, but removing it doesn’t have to be. However, don’t just call in any sandblaster or Power Washing service although they may be able to remove the paint, they will probably end up permanently damaging the underlying surface with harsh blasting materials and high pressure. Contact Surfrace Resto from your Gaffiti Removal needs today.

If you need graffiti or other paint removed from stone, brick, concrete, stucco, cement, asphalt, composites, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, plastic or wood, Surface Resto can quickly and safely do so without damaging the underlying surfaces. Our experienced staff uses relatively low pressure and the advanced Multi Restoration products for the best results. 

The state-of-the-art equipment allows us to delicately remove a layer of graffiti in Boston from a painted surface without damaging the original paint, or we can dial it up to take off layers of paint to discover the actual underlying surface. 


 All materials that Surface Resto uses for cleaning are biodegradable and break down into either carbon or water within 20 days of their introduction to the environment. Moreover, the actual restoration process is relatively clean.

Before you consider repainting or repairing an entire surface to cover up graffiti or paint, give us a call at (631) 388-3330, send us an email at surfaceresto@gmail.com, or contact us with the form at the bottom of this page to find out how Surface Resto graffiti removal serivces in Boston can restore your surfaces.

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