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Professional Vapor Honing Services

What are Vapor Honing Services?

Vapor honing — also known as wet blasting, vapor honing, liquid honing, or dustless blasting — is a form of surface cleaning and refinishing that will restore a surface by removing contaminants. Using pressured water and an abrasive blast media, this process works to effectively restore a surface to its original appearance. The water is shot through a blast nozzle, mixed with compressed air.

How will vapor honing services benefit you?

Over time, vapor honing will save you money as this service promotes a longer life and a softer, smoother finish.

 It is commonly used in the following industries: automotive, engineering, maintenance, and reconditioning.

There are several benefits of wet blasting:

  • Vapor honing is especially effective for metals, including aluminum, brass, magnesium, and zinc.
  • It uses water for an environmentally friendly clean and is also dust-free.
  • It is effective as a decreasing process.
  • No media gets infused into the material throughout the process.
  • Vapor honing leaves an appealing satin finish on metallic surfaces.
  • It removes paint, rust, scale, and carbon and prepares the surface for future treatment

At Surface Resto, we offer professional vapor honing services for industrial, residential clients. A professional will analyze the size of your vapor-honing needs and the condition of the parts before providing an assessment on the work to be performed and the cost. To get started, contact us today.


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