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Masonry construction, as evidenced by centuries-old castles, can certainly last a long time. However, the stones and mortar occasionally need a little work to keep up their appearance. Over time, stone and mortar can accumulate a dingy coating from environmental pollution. While this doesn’t damage the structure, it dulls and discolors the look of it making it seem older than it is. 

With proper cleaning techniques, we can restore masonry so it looks like the day it was installed.


However, just blasting masonry with a power washer is probably not the best solution. The materials are sensitive to wear and must be cared for properly to prevent further damage and accidental removal of mortar between the stone.  


We accomplish this by using a multitude of state of the art low pressure restoration process’s depending on the required needs. We offer environmentally friendly dust free wet abrasive and dry abrasive sandblasting, soda blasting, walnut shell blasting, recycled glass blasting. glass bead blasting, dry ice blasting, shot blasting and more. 

 In fact, the only time where high pressure is still recommended is when cleaning concrete. All materials that Surface Resto uses for cleaning are biodegradable and break down into either carbon or water within 20 days of their introduction to the environment.

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