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Sponge-Jet blasting is an alternative to traditional dry abrasive blasting that results in less dust and less cleanup. The Sponge-Jet process cleans, strips and profiles surfaces using dust-suppressing, synthetic sponge media that contains bonded abrasives or micro-abrasive particles. This process works by propelling sponge media particles to the surface where they flatten and expose the abrasive, cutting into the coating and substrate. 

As the sponge media rebounds, the pourous composition of each particle creates suction trapping dust, lead, paint, soot, corrosion and other contaminents that might otherwise have become airborn. Sponge-Jet blasting Massachusetts. Sponge-Jet blasting has grown in popularity due to it being an environmentally friendly and efficient method of cleaning industrial equipment. 

Sponge-Jet has engineered a line of composite abrasives, incorporating the best abrasives or micro-abrasive particles, within a high-performance synthetic sponge. The diverse range of recyclable composites provide superior results for aggressive profiling and abrading or delicate cleaning on highly sensitive substrates. 



The synthetic sponge captures up to 95% of the contaminants, reducing fugitive emissions through its MicroContainment™ feature. This means less dust and other pollutants getting into the air. This make it an ideal solution for lead abatement. 

The used sponge media is also highly recyclable. Recyclers use rapid vibrations to shake and tumble reusable Sponge Media in a spiral path over a series of screens to filter out unwanted, over-sized contaminants, hazardous contaminants, stripped & broken-down coatings, fractured abrasives, and fine dust. The remaining recycled media (typically > 95%) is funneled into a bucket and ready for reuse – and when merged with a small amount of new media, it creates a consistent “working mix”. This means less material needs to be purchase, shipped, and eventually thrown away. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!

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