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If you need stone restoration in NYC, you’ll need a masonry restoration company that’s well-versed with how to best handle the existing work. You want it to look as good as new, even if the stonework was done a long time ago. Surface Resto, a cutting-edge cleaning and restoration company in New York, can help your masonry look fresh.

Experienced New York Restoration Company

With more than 20 years in business, Surface Resto will know just what to do to improve the appearance of your stone and brick. The company puts a high emphasis on integrity, so you can be assured they will be fair and transparent when you deal with them.

Making It Look Like New

Surface Resto New York can work to clean up that dingy, aged appearance mortar and stones get over time due to environmental pollution. Although it looks older, the underlying structure is still strong. All it needs is a bit of a facelift.
Some people think a good solution to cleaning their masonry work is spraying it with a power washer. But that can degrade the materials, leading to a bigger restoration job and potential damage to the integrity and strength of the stone or bricks.

It’s better to hire a professional stone or brick restoration company. Your stonework can look like it was freshly done by the time Surface Resto is finished with it. That discoloration will be a thing of the past.

How Surface Resto Does It?

For New York stone restoration, Surface Resto can use a variety of restoration processes to improve your masonry job. It can use dust-free wet abrasive sandblasting, dry abrasive sandblasting, walnut shell blasting, soda blasting, recycled glass blasting, dry ice blasting, glass bead blasting, shot blasting, and other methods as well.

For New York biodegradable stone restoration, Surface Resto is a popular company to call. All the materials this business uses for cleaning masonry or stone are biodegradable.

Check with New York Surface Resto at or through a a call at (917) 671-9500 to see what they can do for your stone or masonry work. 

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