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Pavers add tremendous curb appeal and value to the home; popular for driveways, pools decks, patios and more, brick pairs perfectly with the charm of the Northeast. At Surface Resto, we understand the need to protect your brick pavers so that they stay visually beautiful and functional.

We have developed a paver cleaning and sealing process that is designed to ensure that your pavers last a long time. The perks of our cleaning and sealing process are:

Fade Protection: There is no doubt that bricks start to lose their beauty once the sun and other elements take hold. Our cleaning and sealing process is designed to protect your pavers from prematurely fading due to weather.

Weed Reduction:Weeds growing through the cracks of your pavers are unsightly and a pain to deal with. Regular paver cleaning and sealing can tremendously reduce weed growth so that your weekends are not spent pulling them one by one.

Structural Integrity Maintenance: Cracked and broken pavers are not just ugly, but they are damaging to the structural integrity of your paver system. Proper maintenance and joint sanding will ensure that your pavers last a long

Improve Beauty: It goes without saying that proper cleaning will improve and prolong the beauty of stone. Sealing also helps to enhance the natural beauty as you can change the appearance to provide a more wet or natural look, depending on your style time

Enhance Safety: Pavers can become very slippery when wet. Our sealing process can help enhance the safety of your paver system by making the pavers slip-resistant; this is extremely beneficial especially around a pool.

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Our cleaning and sealing process was designed to extend the life of your pavers; we understand that pavers are an investment and it only makes sense to see the greatest possible return on that investment.  We have designed a three step process that both protects the pavers and makes them look fantastic for years to come.

Paver Cleaning

The professionals at Surface Resto begin with an extremely thorough cleaning of your paver system using a pressure washer and high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Our goal is to remove all stains, weeds, algae and buildup from the pavers and joints.

New Sand

After the cleaning is complete, we put new sand into the paver joints.  New sand will help lock the pavers in place and reduce weed growth, ant hills and other buildup.  It also helps to keep the pavers looking new.

Paver Sealing

Our professionals use two coats of sealer to secure your paver system.  The first coat will flood the paver joints to lock them in, while the second is used to give the surface a rich and beautiful appearance.

Enjoy your Paver

Grab the camera and enjoy the fresh new look of your home in its fully graced new pave.


To maintain beautiful pavers in all areas of your outdoor space, professional paver cleaning is absolutely necessary. It is always best to clean these surfaces at the end of the summer, when they typically endure the most wear and team. Our professional cleaning services help eliminate the mess from your pavers with high-end pressure washers, hot water pressure cleaners and environmentally safe cleaners. The end result is not only clean and beautiful pavers, but an outdoor space that will last.

Sealing pavers protects them from the elements and normal wear and tear so that you can safely enjoy your outdoor space for years to come. Because you can’t realistically have your pavers cleaned constantly, sealing the pavers will allow them to stay looking beautiful in between cleans. Proper cleaning and sealing is the solution your pavers need to stay beautiful, safe and cost-efficient.

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